This month has been another flurry of new feature updates.

If you’d like to suggest a new feature, keep reading to find out how you can do that.

In this post, we’ll cover:

1. Age gated QR Codes
2. Themes for Coupon QR Codes
3. Customized Frame Text
4. Password protected QR Codes
5. Scalable SVG downloads

UPDATE #1: Age Gated QR Codes

The Problem:

A ton of our customers in the restaurant and CPG industry wanted to restrict their content to comply with the legal age of consent and be able to collect the date of birth to comply with the law. …

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Contactless events

Several major events such as E3, Coachella, SXSW, and even the 2020 Olympics were canceled due to COVID. The direct economic loss due to these cancellations was more than $1.1 billion, according to PredictHQ for Recode.

In-person events are a cornerstone touchpoint for most events, especially B2B brands, but as the outbreak of the pandemic proceeds, most events have either been canceled (87%) or postponed (66%).

As marketers are grappling with the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, there is also a considerable amount of apprehension about the future of events. …

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WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned behemoth, is widely known as just a messenger app to connect with friends and family globally.

Starting a conversation with someone new was a tedious task. The messenger app relies on adding a new contact to your phone’s address book, which is an added step when you just want to message someone without the hassle.

As of January 2020, WhatsApp has about 2 billion users. The opportunity for businesses and marketers of all sizes and industry verticals to instantly interact with their customers is immense.

The latest WhatsApp QR Code feature, available for both iOS and Android…

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Digital wayfinding at hospitals with beacons

Roughly 40–50% of people visiting extensive healthcare facilities find it challenging to get where they have to be, resulting in longer wait times, missed appointments, and patient and visitor dissatisfaction.

Healthcare facilities lose up to $800 million a year due to missed hospital appointments, and most physicians blame a considerable amount of this lost revenue on poor wayfinding.

In today’s world, wayfinding in hospitals goes beyond functional necessity — it serves as an essential factor to boost trust, safety, and satisfaction to assume numero uno status on a hospital’s priority list.

Digital wayfinding for hospitals with the aid of technologies…

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Manage and maximize efficiency with QR Codes for inventory management

QR Codes were primarily developed to track vehicles during the process of car manufacturing by a Japanese automobile company in 1994.

Barcodes were used to track inventory before QR Codes. Barcodes are one-dimensional, which means they can only hold information in the horizontal dimension. Inventory management these days has far surpassed what was required in the 90s; thus, barcodes don’t suffice anymore.

Before any of these technologies existed, cashiers and administrators tracked inventory manually, which is a lengthy and inefficient task. …

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QR Codes for election campaigns

Political campaigns are multi-billion dollar phenomena, reigned by professional politicians and political consultants using state-of-the-art technology solutions. Political campaigns are not merely a civic ritual and an occasion for political debate.

An election campaign constitutes a myriad of operations — field organizing, collecting voter data, targeting voters, understanding the political landscape, and campaign marketing to name a few.

Luckily, technologies such as QR Codes for election campaigns can help campaign organizers ease and streamline the process to maximize their outreach.

According to George Alafognis, a digital strategist for Washington D.C-based New Media Strategies and former deputy director of new media…

App Clips in iOS 14
App Clips in iOS 14


During its WWDC event, Apple previewed iOS 14 to be released this fall, but the most powerful announcement was ‘App Clips,’ where users can access parts of an app without having to download it or navigate the entire app via QR Code or an NFC tag.

Apple’s app clips are about making the usage of apps as seamless as possible. They are intended to be fast, fleeting, and eliminating the barrier to enter an app without downloading it from the App Store.

App Clips in iOS 14: Now, use an app without downloading it via QR Code or an NFC tag

Contactless solutions for hotels
Contactless solutions for hotels
Contactless Solutions for Hotels

Since the start of the pandemic in mid-February, the hospitality industry has already lost more than $36 billion in room revenue in the US.

According to Chip Rogers, President, and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, “The economic meltdown is severe in the US hotel industry.”

The hospitality industry is rooted in a high-touch, guest-centric experience provided by an attentive staff. While this kind of service might never be replaced, the subsequent need for low-touch, contactless solutions in a self-service experience is undeniable.

Contactless solutions for hotels will be the new baseline. “Contactless will be table stakes and…

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Contactless solutions for schools and universities

Schools and universities were forced to convert to online-only courses since mid-March while struggling with a myriad of other issues, especially in the paradigm of finances.

Gaidi Faraj, Dean of African Leadership University says, “COVID-19 has forced us all to reimagine how we deliver an engaging and holistic learning experience for students. While it presents a challenge, it also presents a massive opportunity to break out of old habits and create new, impactful, relevant modes of learning using technology.”

California’s State University System, the largest in the United States, canceled classes for the fall semester because of COVID-19. …

QR Code for marketing campaigns makes it possible to do more with less and develop a powerful marketing strategy that is as impactful as it is cost-effective. And yet, some of them fail.

Ever wondered why QR Code marketing campaigns of Amazon, Angry Birds, or Coca-Cola stood out?

They nailed the secret to creating high converting QR Codes.

And, that is what we are about to reveal today.

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The secret to creating widely successful QR Code campaigns

9 secrets for creating wildly successful QR Code campaigns

#1 The QR Code campaign with a clear objective

The first, but important step in succeeding with a marketing campaign is to ensure the objectives are set right for the individual QR Code campaign — covering all the business activities, keeping…


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